What Makes Us Different

Familiarity with Elena's interactive learning system

Today the learning system is one of the most important and most widespread components of educational technology. Because of the possibility of learning for people in different geographic locations and at different times, this type of technology has been considered by universities and educational centers. In the past ten years we have seen the expansion of the use of e-learning systems in the field of language teaching.


Get Your Free Download of Hime App MAKE BUSINESS EASY WITH HIMEAPP

With the Hime app you can ask for a transfer, call for some help, buy things in market for you, etc… Any kind of help is just you add in the app and we will match with the right person for help you.
We have all the personal information of the users in order to get a way for users and people who going to help have all security for everyone.

Ibb-World International Business Bridge

Ibb-World GmbH was founded in 2003 as an international business company. Since this time Iand has been accredited as an international project-consulting and trading firm.
Having established a strong track record as being able to successfully bridging; the needs of both - investors and customers - worldwide alike in the field of capital investments as well as the sale of goods and services that offer added values to both counterparties:
Ibb-World GmbH can offer your company its wide range of contacts to capital investors as well as its profound know-how in project management.



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Our Team

Khosro Namini

Marketing and Design

Ali Kalhor

ios / Android Developer

Niki Niktale

Wordpress Expert

Amir Rahimi

Full-stack Developer